Building a Digital Data Foundation for Renewable Energy with Snowflake

A recent Deloitte study of the renewable energy industry found that in the last year, renewables have overtaken coal as a source of power generation in the United States. What’s more, solar and wind combined...
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Making Digital Transformation Real in a Down Market with Snowflake

The application of digital technologies within organizations (a.k.a., digital transformation) has been a topic of interest for many in recent years. The potential benefits of these efforts are quite alluring: Create an empowered, data-driven culture...
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Using SiteView to Capture Work Orders

Recently I worked on a SiteView optimization project for a Denver-based operator. One of the project’s core objectives was to develop a process for requesting, recording, and tracking work orders consistently in SiteView. The project...
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How Merging Energy Companies can Shrink TSA Costs and Accelerate Data Sharing

Cloud-based data warehousing solutions offer bottom-line advantages across M&A activities, for buyers and sellers alike. M&A’s Data Management Challenge Due to the overall market pressure in the oil and gas industry, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures...
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Enabling Time-Series Data Analysis for Upstream Oil and Gas with Snowflake

By Telha Ghanchi and Steve Molsberry The upstream oil and gas industry is primed to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions for time-series data analysis. Cloud-based data management platforms like Snowflake are...
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Managing SCADA Data with Snowflake

The fastest growing data set in the energy industry is time-series data that is typically loaded into a SCADA system from IoT devices and sensors in the field. SCADA data is a key asset energy...
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Simplifying Oil and Gas Production Data Sharing with Snowflake

In the upstream oil and gas industry, drilling and completing a well is a multi-million dollar undertaking. To reduce risk, operators typically share ownership in wells with other parties—called non-operating working interest partners—to jointly split...
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A Framework for Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

There is a heightened interest in digital transformation across all industry sectors. This is certainly true for oil and gas, where there is a strong consensus among operators, vendors, and consultants that digital transformation is...
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Data Is an Asset: Say It Like You Know What It Means

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following blog is based on Trevor Hicks’s presentation at the 2019 Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo. The annual conference is sponsored by the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM). PPDM is the...
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