Data management is the foundation of digital transformation in oil and gas

EnerHub™ is the data management solution designed to drive digital transformation in the oil and gas industry. Built on Stonebridge Consulting’s 20+ years’ experience in enabling operational excellence through business process optimization and data management best practices, EnerHub allows oil and gas companies to select specific data management solutions to drive value across the enterprise.

Driving the digital revolution in oil and gas

EnerHub drives digital transformation by resolving the underlying data management issues that impact virtually all areas of the oil and gas business. These issues ultimately cost companies millions of dollars annually in lost productivity and missed opportunities.

With its innovative modular design, EnerHub exposes and drives remediation of the systemic problems caused by inconsistent and siloed data. Together these modules lay the data management foundation to put your organization on the forefront of the digital revolution in oil and gas. EnerHub empowers you to:

Reduce implementation time and cost by 60%

Build trust in the data that drives your business

Increase operational efficiency by synchronizing master data across all systems

Cut time spent finding and analyzing data

Impact the bottom line through dynamic analytics

Inspire action with map-based centralized view of your digital portfolio

Modular design. Maximum flexibility.

EnerHub’s modules are designed for adaptability and scalability, giving you the freedom to address specific business and IT pain points for immediate operational benefits.

Data Management

EnerHub Data Quality Module utilizes pre-configured business rules and data quality checks to ensure that key decisions are made using validated information.

  • Identifies data problems at their source
  • Isolates and flags data quality issues
  • Adds or extends business rules and data quality checks
  • Tracks data quality over time

EnerHub Data Integration Module seamlessly integrates data from Reserves, Drilling, Completions, Operations, Finance, and third-party data sources via a simple interface.

  • Supports cloud and hybrid environments
  • Powered by pre-mapped connectors to commercial-off-the-shelf systems
  • Achieves quicker time to value via an easy-to-use interface

EnerHub Master Date Module creates a true “golden” well record by matching, blending, and synchronizing data from Reserves, Drilling, Completions, Operations, Finance, and third-party data sources.

  • Matches well data across systems
  • Syncs data in real time across dependent systems
  • Pushes notifications of data changes
  • Invokes workflows based on events
  • Adheres to PPDM standards

EnerHub Data Quality and Master Data modules are powered by Naveego, a leading innovator in data quality and MDM software solutions. Stonebridge and Naveego partner to develop these solutions for the oil and gas industry under the EnerHub brand.

Analytics & Reporting

EnerHub Analytic Cubes provide highly optimized data structures designed to support self-service as well as interactive viewing of key metrics such as Lease Operating Expenses, Volumes, Capital Spend Over Time, Well, Zone, and Play. Available cubes include:

  • Financial and Lease Operating Statement
  • Production
  • Authority for Expenditures (AFE)
  • Drilling
  • Land

EnerHub Analytic Packs offer pre-configured applications tailored to anticipate the distinct analytical needs of oil and gas professionals.

  • Financial Analytics
  • Production Analytics
  • Downtime
  • Lease Jeopardy
  • and more

Energy Portal

EnerHub Energy Portal Module offers function-specific solutions, including Well Portal, Partner Portal, and Lease Portal, providing centralized access to documents and related structured data.

  • Tags the data that matters via a pre-built taxonomy
  • Accelerates data access across the well lifecycle
  • Consolidates unstructured and structured well information
  • Leverages existing document management system
  • Supports map-based visual presentation
  • Includes advanced search capabilities

EnerHub Electronic Well File Module provides a pre-configured repository for well documents built on enterprise content management best practices.

  • Extensible pre-built taxonomy to meet client needs
  • Pre-configured metadata tagging
  • Powered by enterprise search


EnerHub Connectors are pre-configured to move data in and out of core oil and gas applications. Application data is accessed via APIs, using best practice-based access methods associated with each operational system.

  • Reduces implementation costs by up to 60%
  • Hides underlying application system complexity
  • Establishes data access based on best practice techniques for each system

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