Managing Oil and Gas SCADA Data with Snowflake

The fastest growing data set in oil and gas is time-series data that is typically loaded into a SCADA system from IoT devices and sensors in the oilfield. SCADA data is a key asset oil...
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Simplifying Oil and Gas Production Data Sharing with Snowflake

In the upstream oil and gas industry, drilling and completing a well is a multi-million dollar undertaking. To reduce risk, operators typically share ownership in wells with other parties—called non-operating working interest partners—to jointly split...
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A Framework for Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

There is a heightened interest in digital transformation across all industry sectors. This is certainly true for oil and gas, where there is a strong consensus among operators, vendors, and consultants that digital transformation is...
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Data Is an Asset: Say It Like You Know What It Means

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following blog is based on Trevor Hicks’s presentation at the 2019 Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo. The annual conference is sponsored by the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM). PPDM is the...
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Data Science as a Strategic Tool in the Oil and Gas Industry

NOTE: This article on oil and gas data science was also published in Foundations, the official publication of the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM). The Oil and Gas industry is missing the boat when...
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Establishing Credibility and Momentum in Business Intelligence Projects: Six Critical Success Factors

A business intelligence (BI) project comprises tangible variables: budget, staff, selected software, hardware, and so forth. While each one has an impact on project success, my experience says success often depends as much on two...
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Five Organizational Capabilities Needed Before Jumping into Big Data Analytics

Big data. Everyone is talking about it, everyone wants it, but what exactly is “it”? Simple answer is, big data is lots and lots of little data collected and stored in all sorts of ways...
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Uptick in SiteView Software Implementations Points to New Focus on Surface Operations Optimization

The dramatic increase we see in SiteView software implementations reflects a critical business need for producers: accurately reporting on costs, emissions, and physical assets for surface operations. While many companies have a tried-and-true method of...
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Applying Agile Principles to Documentation

Introduction Agile projects are sometimes perceived as a valid excuse for no documentation. But documentation is a good and valuable deliverable, especially for large-scale development projects. It keeps everyone –stakeholders and the implementation team –...
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