The right M&A integration partner accelerates the return on acquired oil and gas assets

M&A is a transformation strategy for many companies in the oil and gas industry, including majors, leading independents, services companies, start-ups, and private equity firms. Maximizing long-term value of acquired assets is time-sensitive, and the time-to-value clock starts ticking well before the transaction closes. Integrating people, processes, and technology requires a methodical, disciplined approach that balances detailed pre-closing planning with focused execution.

Stonebridge Consulting’s M&A Integration Services provide comprehensive support for your M&A strategy, including:

Ability to manage the entire lifecycle of an acquisition, from integration strategy to complete IT outsourcing

Powerful data management, quality and integration tools for consistent reporting and advanced analytics

Proven methodology for achieving significant reductions in total cost of ownership for software and vendor services

Partner network to cover every aspect of an acquisition (HR, fleet, security, network, and more)

M&A Integration

M&A Integration

Accelerate the Value of Your Acquisition

Stonebridge Consulting offers comprehensive M&A advisory and technology-enablement services for ensuring the successful planning and execution of your acquisition strategy. Our M&A best practices provide the specialized knowledge, methodology, and processes for turning M&A into a core competency you can leverage in future acquisitions.

Our M&A Integration offering addresses the three key requirements to ensure a successful transition across your people, processes, and systems:

  • Strategic Planning – We facilitate the overall transition planning including requirements gathering, process mapping, data integration, and organizational structure. Our planning approach provides a clear understanding of the opportunities, risks, and rewards of the acquisition.
  • Human Resources – We design and manage the people component of the transition to assist your new employees, including conducting interviews, designing and rolling out benefits plans, and providing individualized change management support throughout the process.
  • Systems and Data – We consolidate platforms for managing and synchronizing information. Utilizing our EnerHub™ Data Quality Module and Acquisition Loaders, we stage, cleanse, map, and load data for your acquired assets, enabling you to quickly integrate asset data into your systems and reporting mechanisms.

Start-up Enablement

Start-up Enablement

Jump-start Your Essential Infrastructure, Processes, and Systems

Stonebridge Consulting has developed defined advisory and technology services specifically for newly funded companies. These services put your growth strategy on the fast track by standing up essential infrastructure, processes, and systems quickly—so that your company is fully operational and financially efficient in an accelerated timeframe.

We provide you with a start-up toolkit for standing up the essential functions, processes, and technology for your new enterprise.

  • Human Resources – We provide deep HR expertise so that you develop and quickly roll out comprehensive benefits and employee packages.
  • Network Communications – We stand up your communications network in the office and the field, with minimal effort on your part.
  • Role and Process Mapping – We utilize role-based process mapping templates to define standard business processes and procedures for better people enablement, growth and efficiencies.
  • System Selection and Implementation – We use a structured software selection methodology to evaluate, select and right-size commercial O&G applications and tools for your operation.
  • Data Integration Toolkit – Stonebridge’s proprietary tools enable you to stage, cleanse, remediate, and integrate acquisition data faster for business reporting and analysis purposes.

Private Equity Portfolio Optimization

Private Equity Portfolio Optimization

Generate Investment Value from Day One

Stonebridge’s M&A Services include targeted solutions for the investment side of the transaction. Our proprietary tool set, lean methodology, and extensive experience in oil and gas systems create opportunities to lower costs of portfolio investments for private equity firms. A partnership with Stonebridge can lead to investors saving more than 20 percent on integration costs, as well as a faster time to value.

Together, we build accretive value.

Our services enable you to monitor, build, and retain the value of your investments by providing the tools to connect and integrate data across multiple target companies, providing a fully integrated system for accurate and effortless financial, performance and valuation reporting.

Learn how we can accelerate your M&A transformation