“Been there, done that” matters for energy solution providers

Developing business solutions requires a high level of industry know-how. Stonebridge’s energy solutions are the direct result of our consulting experience, derived from completing hundreds of engagements with companies of all sizes, as well as from our industry experience as energy professionals on both the business and IT sides of the house.

Our solutions are designed with a single goal in mind: Enabling our clients to see revenue-enhancing results in the shortest time. Equally important, we engineer our solutions to provide a solid foundation for sustained operational efficiency and productivity over time.


EnerHub by Aunsight

Simplified data management. Dynamic insights. Value-driven results.

The EnerHub™ data management solution is designed to drive digital transformation in the oil and gas industry. Built on Stonebridge’s 20+ years’ experience in business process optimization and enterprise data strategies, EnerHub allows oil and gas companies to select specific data management solutions to drive value across the enterprise.

EnerHub resolves the underlying data management issues that impact all areas of the oil and gas business. These issues ultimately cost companies millions of dollars annually in lost productivity and missed opportunities.

With its innovative modular design, EnerHub exposes and drives remediation of the systemic problems caused by inconsistent and siloed data. Together these modules lay the data management foundation to put your organization on the forefront of the digital revolution in oil and gas.



Optimize Oilfield Inventory, Boost Your Cash Flow

With decades of experience in the oilfield supply chain, Stonebridge has established that on average most operators have 5% of surplus equipment and materials sitting on their books.  Rationalizing and monetizing these assets requires the right mix of people, process, and technology.  By tapping into the Stonebridge ecosystem of expertise and digital solutions, your team will know where to start, rapidly value assets, and drop surplus sales to your bottom line. 

Stonebridge’s hands-on approach brings in best practices across the oil & gas value chain to evaluate potential targets and model strategies based on your plan, whether that’s to dispose of assets quickly or hold for better valuation. 


Implementation and optimization accelerators for Peloton® Software.

Stonebridge’s Peloton® Ready solutions include a range of products and professional services – from implementation accelerators to day-to-day administrative support for WellView®, RigView®, SiteView®, and ProdView® environments. Each of our service offerings is designed to help our clients get the most out of their well and drilling data management software.

As trusted oil and gas business and technology advisers, we understand how Peloton software is optimally used at upstream companies, and we use that knowledge to fully exploit the software’s benefits for our clients. Our hands-on experience coupled with our Peloton Ready accelerators enables us to help you throughout the pre- and post-implementation phases by applying best practices in software configuration, optimization and data management. What’s more, we work closely with Peloton to align our services with their software philosophy.

We are committed to driving measurable results.

Our Peloton Ready accelerators helped an operator refine surface and downhole operations by optimizing its SiteView and WellView environments.

EnerHub pre-built connectors cut integration costs by 60% for a Texas-based operator, synchronizing data across 13 systems, including commercial and custom applications.

We helped one of the largest U.S. independent operators migrate operational data for 11,000 wells from its daily reporting system to WellView.

We helped a Denver-based E&P company roll out a production master data management (MDM) solution in under five months.

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