Optimize your Peloton software and processes

Stonebridge’s Peloton Ready process, data, and reporting accelerators enable upstream companies to optimize the value of their RigView®, WellView®,  SiteView®, and ProdView® implementations and upgrades in a faster, leaner, and smarter way.

“Stonebridge and Peloton have built a collaborative relationship based on a simple idea: helping Peloton users get the most out of their Peloton solutions.”

Monty Meloche, President, Peloton

The Peloton Ready approach accelerates the business value of your Peloton software

Stonebridge’s proven Peloton Ready approach provides business-focused profiles with pre-configured data standards, data entry forms, reporting, process alignment and training for wells, sites, pads, and rigs.

Peloton Ready accelerators enables you to:

Accelerate implementation or re-optimization projects by up to 25%

Leverage industry “best of breed” practices to decrease surface operating costs and track downhole activity

Reduce CAPEX spending through improved spud-to-production cycle times

Increase visibility into well failures and facility equipment

Incremental cost savings through consistent processes and data standards across business units

Lessen future application maintenance by aligning to Peloton data model

Increase quality of your data through access to our cleansing and conversion tools

Peloton Ready user profiles expedite time-to-value for your Peloton environment

Our Peloton Ready user profiles align with best-of-breed industry standards and can be applied for new implementations or as part of an upgrade.

  • Well Ready – Get the most out of WellView with our drilling and completions profiles
  • Site Ready – Decrease the risk and cost of surface processes with SiteView profiles that address facility, regulatory, construction, and wastewater management
  • Rig Ready – Eliminate planning confusion with standardized rig scheduling processes and integrated planning from RigView
  • Prod Ready – Visualize your operations on a map or a graph with pre-built Spotfire reports

Each Peloton Ready profile contains:

  • Standard input form templates for data entry
  • Pre-built standard reports per profile, including:
    • Operational ERP Map
    • Failure Analysis
    • Management Reports
    • Completions Analysis
  • Flexible user training for each profile’s learning style
  • Process automation

Peloton Upgrades: Don’t Just Upgrade. Optimize.

If your version of WellView or SiteView is highly customized, it can take quite a bit of effort to streamline those customizations into software best practices and implement the enhanced functionality of the applications.

Leveraging a joint delivery model with Peloton, we provide value-added business services that help our clients realize the value of upgrades by optimizing their business processes with enhanced capabilities in both WellView and SiteView. We work directly with your users to roll out the new process enhancements and act as an extension of your business team.

Our services include:

  • Current state technology and business capability assessments
  • Business advisory services such as future state business impact assessments, requirements gathering, report testing, and process alignment
  • Application administration, including new configurations, report re-writes, profile optimizations, and end-to-end testing
  • Back office and field training for people enablement of new changes

Data cleansing and conversion: stop the costs of bad data

Upstream companies are putting more emphasis on utilizing data analytics to make better decisions versus using intuition alone. However, using operational data in predictive analytics will not be successful without squeaky clean information. Most companies struggle with trusting the data they have in their systems. A recent Gartner study found that the average company loses up to $8.2 million annually from poor data quality.

Stonebridge can help you get on the right path to better and less costly decision making using your Peloton application, whether it’s part of a new implementation, a software upgrade, or just because it’s time to trust your data again. Our data cleansing tools empower users to validate data, identify and correct input errors, and load data into Peloton products with minimal IT involvement. Working directly with your business users, we:

  • Utilize our list of data rules to identify what data validation is important to your company
  • Run your data through our tool to identify exceptions to your validation criteria
  • Work directly with data owners to cleanse the data and re-run the validation processes
  • Provide progress reports and analysis on state of data

NOTE: The Peloton, WellView, RigView, SiteView, ProdView, and MasterView brand names are trademarks registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Optimize your Peloton software and processes