Shale Play Optimization Analytics at Continental Resources

Data Quality: How to Build Trust in the Data That Drives the Oil and Gas Enterprise

Everyone knows the importance of having accurate data in business. Decisions are made on it, it is required to comply with federal regulations, and people lose their jobs and sometimes even go to prison over...
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WellView Best Practices: Leverage Completions Data to Maximize Production Performance

Today’s operators, faced with a continued market downturn and its impact on future horizontal drilling opportunities, are asking themselves, “How can we maximize our potential earnings in each play?” Because the North American shale revolution...
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Reducing SQL Server Licensing Costs via Server Consolidation

The explosion of SQL Server instances in many corporate IT environments has resulted in SQL Server licensing “sticker shock.” Whether you’re having to purchase new SQL licenses or performing a Microsoft “true up,” and whether...
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Thoughts on the Software Development Process: Obey! (Except When It’s a Bad Idea)

Most of my career has been spent in some kind of software development role, either as a tester, developer, manager or executive. One of the things I’m fond of telling managers and teams is that...
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Seven Takeaways for a Successful SharePoint Implementation

I’ve been in the SharePoint world for many years, both as a consultant and as a client. In that time, I’ve had great opportunities to perform SharePoint development with organizations in the public and private...
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Put your Peloton data to use: How to see a complete picture of your pre-production operational data

Do you have to jump from one system (or spreadsheet) to the next to see relationships between wells, rigs, and pads? Are you spending hours in your day creating and updating spreadsheets just so you can...
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Capture Corporate IP with Business Social Networking on SharePoint

The topic of “business social networking” came up recently on a call with an oil and gas client. The client – a mid-size midstream company – is interested in augmenting its enterprise content management (ECM)...
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Oil and Gas Information Management: Make Your Data Governance Pretty

Even if you are convinced that your organization needs some capability or improvement in master data or data governance, it’s not always easy to motivate an organization to take on a large project that seems...
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Oil and Gas Consulting: Capitalizing on Opportunities in a Volatile Market

There are many ways to navigate volatility in a soft market. And as oil and gas consultants, we see upstream clients respond to market volatility in several ways. Some organizations “hunker down”, preserving cash, and...
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