Data Warehousing: Still Delivering Operational and Financial Insights to Oil and Gas Companies, Regardless of Size

Data warehousing doesn’t get the hype that big data analytics gets in the oil and gas industry these days. But oil and gas companies of all sizes are still using “old school” data warehouses because...
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Enterprise Apps in the Cloud: A Growing Trend in Oil & Gas

When it comes to IT, oil and gas companies are as a general rule conservative: cautious when it comes to change, less likely to be an early adopter of the latest new thing. Which is...
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O&G Best Practice: Procurement Process Optimization Depends on a Solid Asset Management System

When the price of oil is high, the goal is to get as many wells drilled, completed and flowing as quickly as possible. In good times, whatever process accomplishes this goal is the process chosen....
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A (Stonebridge) Christmas Story: In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data

With the holidays upon us, I am reminded of an old book entitled “In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash,” which was later used as the basis for the movie “A Christmas Story”. When...
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Is Agile Project Management Just a Trend?

Many of us veterans in the project management field have seen, heard, maybe even experimented with radical variations on how things should be done for a successful software development project or COTS implementation project. Some...
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Shale Play Optimization Analytics at Continental Resources

Data Quality: How to Build Trust in the Data That Drives the Oil and Gas Enterprise

Everyone knows the importance of having accurate data in business. Decisions are made on it, it is required to comply with federal regulations, and people lose their jobs and sometimes even go to prison over...
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WellView Best Practices: Leverage Completions Data to Maximize Production Performance

Today’s operators, faced with a continued market downturn and its impact on future horizontal drilling opportunities, are asking themselves, “How can we maximize our potential earnings in each play?” Because the North American shale revolution...
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Reducing SQL Server Licensing Costs via Server Consolidation

The explosion of SQL Server instances in many corporate IT environments has resulted in SQL Server licensing “sticker shock.” Whether you’re having to purchase new SQL licenses or performing a Microsoft “true up,” and whether...
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Thoughts on the Software Development Process: Obey! (Except When It’s a Bad Idea)

Most of my career has been spent in some kind of software development role, either as a tester, developer, manager or executive. One of the things I’m fond of telling managers and teams is that...
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