An efficient supply chain provides sustainable competitive advantage in changing economic conditions

Stonebridge Consulting’s Supply Chain Management Services focuses on delivering bottom line results through cost management strategies and best practices. Contact us to learn more.

Our SCM expertise is augmented by a deep understanding of the energy industry

Stonebridge is 100% focused on energy, with tons of direct industry experience. We understand the nuances of the industry and how technology solutions, from master data management and predictive analytics to robotic process automation, AI, and machine learning, can be leveraged to create supply chain efficiencies.

Because our supply chain management services encompass the entire well life cycle, we can help you maximize SCM best practices, tools, and strategies to:

  • Lower Capex and LOE
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce G&A
  • Lower TCO
  • Make AFEs and LOE more predictable
  • Drive operational performance and quality

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy

Make your supply chain a source of competitive advantage

A big part of an energy company’s spend is on products and services it needs to do business. For example, purchased products and services account for over 50% of the average oil and gas company’s total costs, according to the Harvard Business Review. This eye-opening metric points to an inescapable fact: The success of your company is tied to the performance of your supply chain.

By extension, an integrated supply chain management (SCM) strategy, when aligned with your business strategy, can be a source of competitive advantage. Indeed, a Wall Street Journal article notes:

“Businesses are paying more in the realm of supply chain management in order to save more on their bottom line. SCM pays for itself many times over through implementing efficiencies and cost savings initiatives that are sustainable through process and controls.”

Stonebridge Consulting can help you develop and execute a supply chain strategy that provides a blueprint for fit-for-purpose SCM capabilities and best practices.

  • Procurement AnalyticsAnalyze purchasing data and establish metrics to increase visibility of spend and provide input for strategic opportunities and decisions.
  • Strategic Sourcing and Category Management Generate savings through sourcing and proactive management of strategic and targeted spend categories.
  • Supplier/Contract ManagementMaximize supplier performance, compliance, and value throughout the contract life cycle, from creation to retirement.
  • Asset Management Minimize excess inventory, identify obsolete assets, avoid unnecessary spending, and enable the accuracy of well costs through optimized inventory planning and execution.
  • SCM Development and OptimizationEstablish the enterprise structure and necessary capabilities to support process optimization, systems, talent management, and training for a resilient supply chain organization that will sustain cost management efforts and discipline.

SCM Services

SCM Services

How we help you achieve your SCM objectives

From advisory services to managed services, our comprehensive SCM services offer a wide range of options in how you engage Stonebridge. Whether you’re looking for full-service solutions or needing specific capabilities, we can raise your SCM game to the next level and enable you to gain even greater results.

Supply Chain Consulting

We align your supply chain with your business strategy.

Our consultants assess your current SCM organizational maturity and provide you with detailed recommendations for aligning supply chain initiatives with your business strategy. We also provide you with a strategy roadmap and timeline for implementing supply chain processes and functions to optimize operational performance.

Strategic Planning

Organizational Development
& Optimization

Data Management
& Analytics

Process Dependencies
& Mapping

Systems & Technology



and KPIs

Supply Chain as a Service

Tap into our SCM resource pool for quick results.

You can also leverage our SCM capabilities to support your specific supply chain and procurement needs, whether at the enterprise level or a targeted area. We can provide you with experienced supply chain professionals who possess the breadth and depth of functional expertise—which allows you to tap into the Stonebridge resource pool for any sized SCM opportunity.

Strategic Sourcing
& Procurement

category management



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contract management icon


invoice auditing


invoice transaction analysis icon

Invoice Transaction

supplier management icon


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reporting and analytics icon

& Analytics

master data manegement icon

Master Data

Proprietary Tools and Accelerators

Our proprietary toolkit speeds up SCM initiatives.

With Stonebridge as your partner, you have access to our SCM toolkit, which includes proprietary templates, methodologies, and accelerators. These tools enable you to quickly boost the quality, performance, and effectiveness of your supply chain organization – and to lay a lasting foundation for continuous improvement.

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key performance indicators icon

Key Performance

quick reference guides icon

Quick Reference

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Bottom Line Benefits

Bottom Line Benefits

SCM adds value to the bottom line.

Our SCM expertise helps you maximize profits and deliver results.

Business & Process
Data Strategy
& Management
Data Value
& KPIs

› Alignment of business strategic plans and goals
› Partnership with business units & divisions
› Control the market, do not let it control you
› Proactively anticipate market changes and execute the correct strategy
› Strategic partnerships to capture market opportunities

› Leverage strategic sourcing expertise to focus on key target areas and suppliers
› Disciplined asset management to avoid unnecessary costs and ensure accurate cost allocation
› Audit contracts and invoices to ensure compliance
› Optimize supply base to maximize volume cost benefits and operational excellence

› Develop contract language to limit liability and protect commercial terms
› Supplier management to ensure service and product quality
› Ensure suppliers meet necessary Legal, EHS, and Financial requirements
› Implement strategies to protect cash flow
› Market intelligence

› Focus on your core expertise by allowing Stonebridge to expertly maximize your supply chain
› Develop scalable, repeatable, standardized, and efficient processes
› Business process, policy, program development
› Continuous improvement projects
› Benchmarking

› Leverage data and systems to identify and capture opportunities
› Create a data-driven supply chain culture
› Establishing data management and governance framework
› Identify and implement systems and tools to improve data quality

› Know what your data is worth and how to use it
› Drive smart analytics that drive smart decision making
› Identifying new ways to monetize your data
› Developing key performance metrics to monitor and manage goals
› Spend analytics

Take the first step to transform your supply chain