Andy Reinert Promoted to Senior Director of Technology, Helps Energy Clients Turn Mountains of Data into Knowledge

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Earlier this year Stonebridge Consulting promoted Andy Reinert to Senior Director of Technology as part of our strategy to position the brightest minds at the forefront of the growing digital transformation evolution. Andy has been a valuable contributor to many successful digital transformation and data management projects for more than 8 years at Stonebridge Consulting, where he brings a unique mix of technical skillsets and oil & gas expertise.

“Faced with increasing data volumes, variety, and velocity, many energy companies are really struggling to compile all that data and translate it into knowledge, decisions, and return on investment,” commented Andy Reinert. “That’s why I’m so excited to be part of client digital oilfield transformations through my role as Senior Director of Technology where I can deploy my experience and skillsets to help clients turn their mountains of data into knowledge. It’s also exciting to see such a thriving digital oilfield ecosystem comprised of the cloud, data, and applications as well as the advancements in how our industry is utilizing new technologies like the Internet of Things, or IoT, the large amounts of data available, and the potential to orchestrate that flow for the benefit of our clients.”

His new role builds on Andy’s extensive experience at Stonebridge Consulting as Director of Customer Success. While at Stonebridge Consulting, Andy has also served as Project Manager and Principal Consultant.

Andy spearheads strategic data management initiatives and digital solutions, including EnerHub, Stonebridge Consulting’s all-inclusive data management solution for connecting data silos, aggregating datasets, applying business rules/QC checks, and driving data consumption. He has been integrally involved in EnerHub product development and implementation during his tenure at Stonebridge Consulting, contributing both as a data quality and master data management expert and as a user advocate for EnerHub’s growing client base.

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