Stonebridge Launches EnerPub, a New Approach to Oil and Gas Public Data

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TULSA, Okla., July 27, 2020 – Stonebridge Consulting, a leading provider of business advisory and technology solutions for the energy industry, today announces the launch of EnerPub, a cloud data service that provides oil and gas companies with open access to well and production public data.

Today’s operators have limited options for accessing public data. They either download the data directly from state agencies, which is a time-consuming process, or they purchase public data on a subscription basis from third-party commercial data providers, which carries a large price tag and comes with strict data usage restrictions.

EnerPub offers a totally new and open approach to public data. Curated well and production public data sets from state agencies are loaded onto a cloud data platform. EnerPub enables operators to access the data at no cost. Users also have the option to set up their own secure public data warehouse to ingest the data directly into the analytical tools of their choice.

“For many oil and gas companies, using public data is a persistent pain point, whether they’re downloading data directly from agencies or from third-party commercial data providers at a premium price point,” said Stonebridge Managing Director William “BJ” Cummings. “With the advent of innovations like big data processing and cloud data platforms, however, it’s the perfect time to reimagine public data access in a brand new way.”

The launch version of EnerPub includes curated well and production data from the Railroad Commission of Texas (TRRC) loaded on the Snowflake cloud data platform. The Texas data set covers more than one million wells. Stonebridge plans to add additional state data in subsequent EnerPub releases.

A primary target users for EnerPub are public data-dependent roles such as reservoir engineers. These professionals play a key role in evaluating potential asset acquisitions. Using EnerPub, they have quick access to data showing each well’s historical monthly production. Monthly production data is a critical metric that enables reservoir engineers to perform economic analysis and provide data-driven guidance for or against the purchase.

According to Cummings, EnerPub represents an inclusive, industry-driven approach to public data. “EnerPub is the product of a collective approach by Stonebridge, our clients and business partners,” he said. “Our objective is to change the way public data is used for the benefit of the entire industry.”

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