OVS Group’s Workflow Implementation at TEP Barnett USA Accelerated by EnerHub from Stonebridge Consulting

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FORT WORTH, Texas, July 27, 2020 – The engineering team at Fort Worth-based TEP Barnett USA (TEP) undertook a workflow-optimization initiative with workflow-automation leader OVS Group. OVS Group established that the initial data configuration effort was reduced by 75% versus typical projects. This resulted in significant reductions in the overall project time and costs for the natural gas exploration and production company.

Why the improvement?

According to TEP, the answer to that question was found in the operator’s existing data quality (DQ) and master data management (MDM) deployments at the foundation of the company’s digital transformation efforts. These data management solutions enable TEP to validate data at the source, keep it clean, and seamlessly integrate it from disparate reserves, geology and geoscience, land, production, drilling and completions, and accounting systems.

In 2017, TEP implemented the EnerHub data management platform from Stonebridge Consulting. Specifically, the operator deployed EnerHub’s DQ and MDM modules. EnerHub DQ enables TEP’s data stewards to monitor, manage and improve data quality at the source system. EnerHub MDM integrates the well master data across systems, thereby creating a “golden record” that eliminates data siloes.

“Our fundamental mission at TEP was to lay a digital foundation that accelerated future digital innovation,” said Stonebridge Managing Director William (BJ) Cummings, who oversees EnerHub. “They faced the same challenge many companies wrestle with in their digital transformation efforts, siloed people and data. We created EnerHub to solve those issues.” EnerHub’s Data Quality and Master Data modules are powered by Naveego, a leading innovator in data quality and MDM software solutions. Stonebridge and Naveego partner to develop these solutions for the energy industry under the EnerHub brand.

For their workflow-automation initiative, TEP’s primary objective was to deploy workflow solutions that provided their engineering team with timely information about their wells and to:  1) help the team evaluate their operations, 2) plan well interventions, 3) optimize production and 4) track past intervention efforts.

TEP selected OVS Group, which specializes in automated workflow solutions for oil and gas, to deploy a host of standard workflows for their engineering team. These workflows, built on OVS Group’s One Virtual Source Platform, included operations-critical processes such as well review, well opportunity management, surveillance by exception, and lease operating expense analysis.

“OVS provides a library of workflows that can be quickly deployed and reconfigured based on the unique needs of the client,” said OVS Group CEO Sebastiano Barbarino. “These workflows leverage data from the client’s core applications to automate key analysis and surveillance rules across the well life cycle.”

According to Barbarino, the OVS project team was able to utilize the integration provided through EnerHub to reduce the workflow implementation time. Further, efforts to manage data quality issues and data mismatches—something OVS typically encounters with all clients—were noticeably reduced.

Poor data quality impacts implementation timelines, which also delays return on investment. Because TEP’s data quality was high due to EnerHub DQ, they were able to get immediate value on their OVS deployment.

“The OVS workflow-automation implementation at TEP resulted in significant improvements in operational efficiency,” Barbarino said. “The end result is a high-quality digital platform, leveraging clean data and applied workflows, and delivered in an accelerated timeframe. It was a win for TEP, Stonebridge and OVS, and it is repeatable.”

About OVS Group

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