Midstream Reporting Solution Maximizes EMK3 Functionality for Deep Insights on Daily Transactions

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The midstream marketing group of a U.S.-based natural gas and oil company focused on the Marcellus play relies on industry-leading energy marketing software from EMK3 to handle day-to-day gas marketing, scheduling, and risk management operations. EMK3’s software provides deep functional support for all processes involved with oil and gas marketing. But the client’s midstream marketing group desired customized views of daily transactions and production forecasts for risk management and trading.


In one example, daily operational reporting required the team to cut and paste volume-centric data from multiple EMK3 reports into third-party tools such as Excel. In another, to ensure future production was allocated across their transportation and hedging contracts, analysts pulled data from EMK3 into a spreadsheet to develop a position model—a manual step that was both labor-intensive and error-prone. The marketing team also envisioned executive-level reporting for improved visibility into the organization’s business position. Through a competitive process, the client engaged Stonebridge Consulting to develop a robust midstream reporting solution that maximized the out-of-the-box capabilities of its EMK3 energy marketing software. The client selected Stonebridge because of its oil and gas focus and deep technical expertise, which includes its existing business partnership with EMK3.


Stonebridge delivered a comprehensive midstream reporting solution that is fully integrated with EMK3 to report production, transportation, physical trades, and financial trades, as well as combining these reports into a comprehensive marketing position report. The marketing position report also has a drill-down feature that provides users with the ability to view the underlying trades resulting in the position. The midstream reporting solution captures contract terms and pricing, delivery system and related data, and production details, and enables users to filter data (e.g., minimum date). Additionally, the solution provides the ability to monitor position and market exposure, P&L including attribution, credit, limit violations, value-at-risk, asset utilization, and hedge effectiveness.


The reports employ a standard template for a consistent format and “look and feel.” They can be exported to PDF and Excel, and are readily accessible on smart mobile devices. Stonebridge architected the solution, which is built using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, so EMK3 data is consumable by third-party data management tools such as Microsoft Excel pivot tables and Microsoft Power BI that enables more advanced power users to slice, dice, and deep-dive data and perform simulations based on what-if scenarios. Additionally, the solution includes advanced executive and management-level dashboards with intuitive drill-down capabilities to provide at-a-glance insight into the business across all levels of the organization.

Stonebridge has added midstream reporting functionality to the EnerHub™ enterprise data management solution for oil and gas. EnerHub’s midstream reporting solution includes marketing, accounting and contracts, operations, and commercial control reports. It is available to all EnerHub clients whether leveraging EMK3 or other midstream marketing software.

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