Leading Oil and Natural Gas E&P Company Selects Stonebridge for Master Data Management Initiative

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TULSA, Okla., Aug. 12, 2016 – Stonebridge Consulting today announced that it has been selected by a leading U.S.-based oil and natural gas exploration and production company to provide strategic advisory and technology services for the company’s master data management initiative.

The client, a domestic oil and natural gas operator with upwards of 500,000 acres under lease in the West and Midwest, has launched an initiative to operationalize well master data management across key on-premises and cloud-based applications. The company sees master data management as a strategy that will enable it to optimize current assets, enable future growth by both drill bit and M&A, and drive greater efficiency throughout the well planning process.

Stonebridge will provide business advisory and technology services to help the company create a strategic roadmap and technical foundation for its overall data management initiative. In broad terms, these services include:

  • Well Lifecycle Assessment and Data Mapping – Identify core well lifecycle data attributes and map data ownership across systems of records in order to clarify data ownership and dependencies.
  • Data Quality Measurement and Remediation – Implement Stonebridge’s EnerHub™ Data Quality Module to measure, monitor and remediate data in four target source systems: ProCount (on-premises production accounting), Wellcast (cloud-based well planning and rig scheduling), BOLO (on-premises land management) and WellEZ (cloud-based drilling lifecycle reporting). The cloud-based EnerHub™ Data Quality Module includes 300+ business rules to sync and quality-check well master data across commercial and proprietary oil and gas business applications.
  • Data Integration and Orchestration – Implement EnerHub™ Data Integration Module and Connectors to map master data attributes and utilize pre-built EnerHub™ Connectors to build integrations for defined datasets across the four identified source systems. The EnerHub™ Data Integration Module is a cloud-based data orchestration tool for integrating data across on-premises and cloud-based applications, resulting in more accurate data and eliminating redundant data entry.

“By addressing data quality first with the EnerHub Data Quality Module, our client will be able to lay a solid foundation of data integrity for each source system and then quickly integrate that data across their on-premises and cloud-based applications” said William “BJ” Cummings, EnerHub™ Enterprise Director at Stonebridge Consulting. “From a technology perspective, we are excited to connect data that usually resides on-prem and integrate it with cloud-based data. By utilizing our cloud-based EnerHub™ Data Integration Module, we will help them reduce implementation time, maintenance and data entry, and thereby drive the most value back to the business.”

EnerHub™ is an enterprise data management solution designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Built on the open, enterprise-grade Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, EnerHub™ offers a one-stop suite of applications, solution accelerators and productivity-enhancing tools, process automation and connectors that enable oil and gas companies to increase operational efficiencies, optimize assets and ensure data quality across source systems for improved data-driven decision making.

To learn more about EnerHub™ and schedule a demonstration, click here.

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