Major E&P Company Chooses SmartSource for Peloton WellView and SiteView Managed Support

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TULSA, Okla., Sept. 21, 2016 – Stonebridge Consulting, a leading provider of business advisory and technology services for next-gen oil and gas, today announced that one of the largest independent exploration and production companies in the U.S. has entered a SmartSource managed services agreement with Stonebridge for administration and maintenance of its Peloton® WellView® and SiteView® system environment.

Under the agreement, Stonebridge will coordinate with the client company’s application management, server and security teams to assist in the administration and maintenance of the company’s WellView and SiteView environment. The specific services, based on predefined specifications and service levels, will cover a broad range of activities—from standard troubleshooting of Peloton logs, batch reporting and library updates, to proactive assistance with advanced reporting and data integrations.

The client company, a Colorado-based E&P company with operations in the Rocky Mountain region, cited the financial advantages of SmartSource, such as predictably lower overall costs, as a primary business reason for selecting a managed services solution rather than hiring comparable technical staff.

Stonebridge Managing Director Trevor Hicks, who oversees the SmartSource managed services offering, said, “WellView and SiteView are essential systems for E&P operations, and their ultimate effectiveness depends on careful administration and maintenance of each solution’s capabilities and data sources. Lapses in the quality and consistency of data input into either system invariably leads to downstream issues that adversely affect reporting, analysis and decision support. SmartSource addresses these issues by establishing a structured managed services program that is tailored to the client’s WellView and SiteView system environment.”

In this case, rapid growth via acquisition of new assets had resulted data quality issues in the WellView and SiteView reporting. To address the client’s specific needs, Stonebridge will provide a blended team of Peloton administrators and subject matter experts to create a layer of oversight and governance to research and verify all changes with the Peloton systems environment.

SmartSource from Stonebridge is designed to offer clients a strategic managed services program tailored to fit their business needs with a balanced mix of expert resources, tools and processes. SmartSource engagements are built on the following criteria:

  • Day-to-day management of defined functions. SmartSource enables clients to outsource day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a business strategy for improving operations and cost containment.
  • Outcome-based engagement model. SmartSource deliverables are built on an outcome-based engagement model defined by clients to meet their long-term business objectives.
  • Blended team partnership. In a SmartSource agreement, Stonebridge becomes part of the client’s IT team by providing hands-on technical support, sharing industry best practices, and transferring insights and practical knowledge to client personnel.

SmartSource offers scalable, outcome-based resource management services delineated by:

  • Technical environment – including business intelligence, database/system administration, enterprise content management
  • Commercial software platform – including SharePoint, Spotfire, Cognos, Informatica, Oracle, SAP
  • Oil and gas application – including Peloton, EMK3, Esri, P2

Stonebridge Consulting, LLC, is a leading provider of business advisory and technology services for next-gen oil and gas. Stonebridge’s services help oil and gas companies produce hydrocarbons efficiently and safely, optimize volumes, increase margins, and maximize returns. Headquartered in Tulsa and with offices in Houston, Oklahoma City, and Denver, we serve the oil and gas industry exclusively, with targeted solutions for upstream, midstream, downstream and oilfield services companies focused on resource plays in North America. More information about Stonebridge Consulting is available at

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