With EnerHub, Upstream Operator Finally Gets Total MDM Solution It Envisioned

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The client is a Texas-based exploration and production company focused on unconventional oil and natural gas plays in the Eagle Ford.


The client faced a data management challenge common among upstream operators: inconsistent data in common well attributes across multiple operational systems. The systems included well planning (Epex), production accounting (Enertia), geosciences (ArcGIS), drilling (OpenWells), and reservoir (ARIES).

To solve this challenge, the company selected an MDM tool from a well-known oil and gas software vendor. The vendor performed a tactical implementation of their software only; they did not, however, perform a pre-implementation assessment of the operator’s processes to anticipate how the tool’s impact on those processes.

Post-implementation, the operator began to experience issues that did not align with their expectations.

  • Labor-Intensive Data Maintenance – While the tool had a data maintenance capability, making simple updates to the master record, such as changing well status or adding new attributes, was an overly complex undertaking, requiring users to configure and manipulate the data within the application itself.
  • No “Per Well” Summary Data – The tool’s view of well data was restricted to a granular view. A large segment of the user community, however, needed a summary view of well data per well, which was not possible.
  • Poor User Experience – The user interface was not user-friendly, and the process of searching for and finding well information was too involved. This led to lower-than-acceptable user adoption rates.
  • Restrictions on Customization – The vendor’s packaged software did not allow for customization. As a result, users were forced to make significant adjustments to processes and workflows via workarounds.


Less than a year after their original MDM implementation, the operator decided to cut their losses and find a solution that aligned with their original vision: an easy-to-use, “super-intuitive” tool with the flexibility to adapt to their culture, workflows, and user needs. The company spent nearly a year evaluating and comparing MDM tools before selecting EnerHub from Stonebridge Consulting.

EnerHub’s Master Data and Data Quality modules are powered by Naveego, a leading innovator in data quality and MDM software solutions. Stonebridge and Naveego partner to develop these solutions for the oil and gas industry under the EnerHub brand.

A big part of the MDM migration process involved a thorough assessment of the operator’s processes, work and data flows, operational systems, and data dependencies. The findings enabled the Stonebridge to create a total MDM solution, aligning EnerHub’s capabilities with the client’s organizational processes. The pre-implementation assessment was an essential step in reducing the complexity and uncertainty associated with a major software implementation.


While replacing its MDM solution was not an easy decision, this operator has found that with EnerHub, the second time is the charm. They now have the total MDM solution they originally envisioned.

  • Simplified Data Maintenance – Using EnerHub’s portal interface, the operator’s data stewards can easily make master data attribute changes to their golden record. EnerHub’s auto-sync capability can detect an attribute change in a designated publishing system (e.g., a well’s API number in Enertia) and automatically update subscribing systems.
  • Golden Record Snapshot – EnerHub’s Golden Record Snapshot feature enables users to access the golden record for custom use as it is refreshed real time from the MDM platform.
  • Custom Merging – EnerHub’s intuitive and easily configurable interface allows users to modify the publishing systems by dragging and dropping systems. This includes changing the publishing order.
  • Client-Requested Customization – Because EnerHub is designed as a fit-for-purpose data management solution, it had the flexibility to adapt to the client’s processes and corporate culture.
  • Superior User Experience – EnerHub’s Energy Portal provides users with an user-friendly interface incorporating Google-like search capabilities. This enables them to find well data intuitively, get a big picture view of a well record, with a one-click ability to do a deep-dive into a granular data view.

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