Improving visibility into land department processes and interactions

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A Denver-based exploration and production company needed visibility into land process activities and interactions across its land department and multiple supporting vendors.

Solution Benefits

  • Identified over $360,000 in annual cost savings by eliminating duplication of effort
  • Provided the client with visual tools to analyze activity and ownership among vendors
  • Recommendations for removing bottlenecks that hamper scalability

Project Summary

The land department at a Denver-based exploration and production company depended heavily on vendor involvement during leasing, well readiness and partner management activities. Stonebridge engaged vendors through process workshops that focused on capturing process steps and handoffs, as well as technology use and data management activities. As with all successful process assessments, the land vendor assessment identified multiple opportunities for improvements to data capture and quality, along with reduced business costs and shorter cycle times. Armed with deeper insights into how work was being done across vendors and the resulting impacts to data, productivity, people and finances, the client is better equipped to make informed decisions on process and technology changes to improve performance and scalability.

Next Step

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