Thriving in the Digital Oilfield – Part 3: Implementation Anxiety

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Thriving in the Digital Oilfield

Part 3: Implementation Anxiety

By Brad Hext, Information Technology Service Manager at Stonebridge Consulting


Software is mission critical in the digital oilfield and with about 30 discrete business processes to cover at an oil & gas operating company, E&Ps need a lot of software. These systems and apps need to be implemented, maintained, and supported, yet more than half of CIOs identify lack of ongoing post-implementation support as the primary cause for long term project failure. In addition, 70% of IT managers have experienced unacceptable project delays due to lack of specialized skills to build up a team capable of meeting demand from the business. Mention the word “implementation” around the IT department and folks get nervous and rightfully so.

Does your team have the resources to fully manage the complexities of continuously implementing, upgrading, testing, and supporting your extensive software ecosystem? One size fits all IT service providers lack the oil & gas industry expertise you need, requiring you to train them on the software you need to support. Yet supporting your workforce and users with outsourced managed IT services can assist in managing digital oilfield assets at scale, including on-premise and cloud-hosted software, while containing costs and managing strategic IT projects with a lean team. You need the right partner.

Don’t let lack of IT bandwidth and specialized petrotechnical skillsets impact operational efficiencies and bottom-line financial performance. With a deep bench of oil & gas software expertise, Stonebridge provides specialized managed services to improve business and IT performance and control costs. Our SmartSource managed IT services team provides a broad range of targeted support services for energy companies, covering a wide scope of business functions, technologies, and technical skill sets and expertise. We’ve got your team’s back with focus areas that span accounting, A&D, geoscience, GIS, production operations, field data capture, gas & crude marketing, and supply chain management.

Our application support is broad and deep:

  • BI Tools (Power BI, Spotfire, Tableau)
  • EMK3 Senergy
  • GeoGraphix
  • Peloton (SaaS/On-Premises)
  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
  • SharePoint
  • And many more

Gain faster response time for support requests. The dedicated SmartSource team is your 24/7 SWAT team, ready to deploy the support consultant best suited to rapidly resolve issues that threaten your oil & gas operations. Escalate the issue to our team of experts, any time of the day leveraging our US-based and offshore response centers. Stonebridge has you covered.

I’m bringing my blog series on how your team can thrive in the digital oilfield to a close in my next post where I’ll discuss G&A implications of managed IT services as well as the cost predictability that CFOs love. Be sure to catch my earlier posts, which included my thoughts on why IT teams are overwhelmed by the scale of the digital oilfield and how SmartSource solves your underlying oil & gas data management dilemma.