Thriving in the Digital Oilfield Part 2: Data Dilemma

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Thriving in the Digital Oilfield

Part 2: Data Dilemma

By Brad Hext, Information Technology Service Manager at Stonebridge Consulting


Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, has been transformative for oil & gas companies, enabling teams to reduce the total cost of owning (TCO) the software they need for E&P workflows (accounting, land, field operations, etc.) vs. on-premise software. The fact is that many oil & gas teams still rely on on-premise software that requires dedicated servers and the people to maintain the underlying digital infrastructure. At the end of the day, your team is left to manage a lot of data inside different vintages of project and corporate databases, creating ongoing information management challenges.

So, what do you do when your ProdView database goes down? Or you built a proprietary Oracle or SQL Server production data warehouse that suddenly crashes. Do you have the right expertise to troubleshoot and pinpoint the best fix? Volumetric data is directly linked to your revenue, underscoring the need to resolve this type of IT issue with the right skillset, and fast.

Stonebridge SmartSource managed IT services provides a balanced mix of functional experts, tools, and processes so that you achieve your business objectives faster, smarter, and on budget. This includes an intimate understanding of commercial software packages and their underlying schemas and database technologies, providing a fractionalized DBA at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

SmartSource helps your team avoid database train wrecks and maintain high availability of critical production, accounting, and other business datasets with proactive monitoring. Our SmartSource managed services team deploys a proven playbook of maintenance standards that include SQL and Oracle database performance alerts. We also deploy SQL reporting and analytics that give our DBAs daily insight into server performance, enabling the SmartSource team to prevent issues before they hurt your bottom line and provide stability to your digital oilfield operations.

Miss my first blog in this series on thriving in the digital oilfield. Be sure to read it to learn why IT is struggling to keep pace with the scale and complexity of digital assets under their management. And in my next blogs I’ll explore how managed IT services can help you avoid software implementation anxiety and ensure IT cost consistency.