Maximizing Oil & Gas Profitability with Energy Data in Balance Part 3 – SCADA, Measurement and Production Accounting in Harmony

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The digital oilfield ecosystem has never been bigger with the breadth and depth of software solutions continuing to expand. Volumetrics is a microcosm of this larger digital ecosystem, represented by myriad types of software such as production accounting, field data capture, allocations, and measurement data management, analytics, and diagnostics. Field data capture alone represents a category of more than a dozen solutions, some on-premise and others cloud-based and mobile. It’s complicated just understanding your options for volumetrics software let alone understanding which solutions are the best fit for your operations and team. But it’s not enough simply to check all the boxes. Each component of the volumetrics ecosystem must work in perfect harmony, including SCADA, measurement, and production accounting.

Established oil & gas companies with systems in place for decades and E&P startups alike must treat volumetrics as their cash register, underscoring the need to implement the best software to reliably measure volumes, automate processes, and ensure production accounting accuracy at every moment. At today’s favorable commodity prices, ensuring volume accuracy is an imperative even if your team needs to rip and replace legacy tech, upgrade to a newer version, or deploy new innovations.

Chances are, your team is simply too busy to consider a change to your existing software ecosystem and even then, teams who undertake volumetrics software selection on their own find the task daunting and base their decisions on a limited understanding of their options and software capabilities. But it’s not a project – digital innovation is a process that not only drives volumetrics success and maximizes profits, but also sets oil & gas teams up for growth.

EnBalance is Stonebridge’s volumetrics advisory that serves as your single source for the innovation you need to continually drive digital oilfield transformation, from the field to the back office. EnBalance is vendor agnostic. Our team of measurement and production accounting professionals stays plugged into the digital volumetrics ecosystem and emerging products in the space to help your team easily navigate all of the options, select, implement, and manage change.

Leverage EnBalance for an annual health check on your existing volumetrics technology. As an independent, third-party, our team will put a process in place to evaluate solutions objectively, manage RFPs, schedule product demonstrations, and create scorecards based on our extensive experience and your criteria. EnBalance experts with specific vendor knowledge and systems integration experience can then assist in volumetrics software implementation, establish change management processes, and guide user acceptance, accelerating timelines and cutting project costs.

Without the right volumetrics software, processes, and people in place, your team could be leaving money on the table from bad data, the topic of my first blog in this series on maximizing profits in the digital oilfield. My second post delved into volumetrics digital maturity. Stay tuned as my final post explores why E&Ps can no longer afford to kick the volumetrics software can down the road and why now is the perfect time to overhaul your digital ecosystem.