Amy Moore

Supermajor Relies on Stonebridge’s Enterprise Volumetrics Expertise to Provide Path to the Cloud for Hydrocarbon Accounting

Like many large energy enterprises with global operations and ongoing M&A activity, a US-based supermajor relies on a mix of commercial hydrocarbon accounting products across its vast operational footprint. The supermajor developed proprietary data management tools to manage the flow of field operations data, volumes, and other well data into its myriad hydrocarbon accounting systems....
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Andy Reinert Promoted to Senior Director of Technology, Helps Energy Clients Turn Mountains of Data into Knowledge

Earlier this year Stonebridge Consulting promoted Andy Reinert to Senior Director of Technology as part of our strategy to position the brightest minds at the forefront of the growing digital transformation evolution. Andy has been a valuable contributor to many successful digital transformation and data management projects for more than 8 years at Stonebridge Consulting,...
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Energy Volumetrics: A Digital Skillset that Defines M&A Success

“Rip and replace” is a phrase that instantly conjures an emotional response for software users long accustomed to their workflow on legacy systems. For the C-suite, the prospect of a long software implementation process and the associated CapEx is completely avoidable if the status quo still works, i.e., if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it....
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Picking the Best Tech to Ensure Oil and Gas Volume Accuracy from Field to Balance Sheet

The digital oilfield ecosystem has never been bigger with the breadth and depth of software solutions continuing to expand. Volumetrics is a microcosm of this larger digital ecosystem, represented by myriad types of software such as production accounting, field data capture, allocations, and measurement data management, analytics, and diagnostics. Field data capture alone represents a...
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Why Oil & Gas Producers Must Up Their Volumetrics Game to Avoid Leaving Money on the Table

When it comes to oil & gas volumetrics, we live in a nonprecise world. Crude oil storage tanks expand with the sun’s heat, dints in a hauler change its actual volume, and natural gas imbalances inject uncertainty. Consequently, hydrocarbon measurement involves more than taking a meter reading. We also need to record temperature, strap tanks,...
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