Stonebridge Partners with Aunalytics for Advanced Data Management in Energy

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Tulsa, OK (April 27, 2021) – Stonebridge Consulting, a provider of end-to-end business and advisory technology services for next-gen energy customers, today announced a strategic partnership to sustain data accuracy and data management solutions in its premiere data management application suite, EnerHubTM . Stonebridge has partnered with Aunalytics, a leading data platform company delivering insights-as-a-service for enterprise businesses. The agreement assures continuity of service, since Aunalytics acquired Naveego, Stonebridge’s former data partner, in February.


Stonebridge, pioneers of EnerHub, say data optimization is a competitive asset in the work-from-anywhere, post-pandemic world.

Stonebridge, pioneers of EnerHub, say data optimization is a competitive asset in the work-from-anywhere, post-pandemic world.

Now, EnerHubTM Simplified Data Management Suite, powered by Aunalytics’ Aunsight Golden Record-as-a-Service, will afford customers universal data access, dynamic data cleansing, and governance for value-driven results.

EnerHub is built on Stonebridge’s 20+ years’ experience in energy business process optimization and enterprise data strategies. The solution consists of three application modules, enabling users to link to a variety of data sources, optimize data using data management best practices, and engage cross-enterprise teams in meaningful data-centric initiatives.

“The ideal made possible by the partnership is to achieve a single source of truth in and among data sets, then leverage truth for insights, sustainability, and growth,” said Senthil Kumar, Chairman & CEO of Stonebridge’s parent company, Sierra Digital.


With EnerHub Powered by Aunsight™️ Golden Record,

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According to Kumar, EnerHub is specially engineered to seamlessly integrate with leading ERP and productivity technology, including SAP and Microsoft. “Since these companies are longtime partners of Sierra, both voiced input on EnerHub development,” Kumar said. “Thanks to them, EnerHub offers a world-class user experience, including the ability to pull data into the application from any source in a few clicks.”

EnerHub’s ability to generate clean data from virtually any source, thanks to Aunsight, is a key product differentiator. Aunsight automates the data cleansing process, enabling users to proactively manage, detect, and eliminate data accuracy issues across data sources in real-time while minimizing compliance risk.

Clean data, as a basis for informed business decisions, is increasingly being recognized among leading analysts as a competitive asset. Accordingly, analysts project that data analytics in the energy sector will grow at a CAGR of 10.22% over the next five years.

William Cummings, Vice President of EnerHub at Stonebridge, said the exponential growth of data means opportunity for forward-looking energy businesses. “We encourage customers across energy to think about how new, data-driven ideas can radically impact business outcomes,” he said. “During times when markets are down, insights drawn from data can spark continuous cost-saving and revenue-driving innovation.”

“EnerHub powered by Aunsight is perfect for energy businesses,” said Katie Horvath, Aunalytics Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “In such environments, we manage data from multiple sites through multiple stages of production. Complex as that sounds, EnerHub makes it simple to achieve a single source of truth.”

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