Stonebridge Completes WellView Implementation for Top-Tier Independent

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TULSA, Okla., Nov. 15, 2016 – Stonebridge Consulting announced it has successfully completed a major Peloton® WellView® implementation for one of the largest independent oil and gas operators in the U.S.

Stonebridge completed the project in under four months utilizing its “Well Ready” solution for WellView business process optimization and in collaboration with Peloton for data conversion activities. The project involved the implementation of WellView; defining new operational processes and procedures; replacing key user interfaces; training more than 300 users, including office staff, drilling and frac crews, and completion pulling units; and migrating operational data for 11,000 wells from the client company’s incumbent daily reporting system to WellView.

Stonebridge Enterprise Director Kate Stevenson said, “Delivering a successful WellView implementation on this scale requires a balanced blend of experience, preparation and flexibility, and this project was a textbook example of a successful WellView deployment. Working closely with the client and our partner Peloton, we created an airtight pre-implementation plan utilizing our ‘Well Ready’ accelerators to enable the client’s WellView users to benefit from greater operational value on day one—and even accommodate a last-minute acquisition.”

Stonebridge was responsible for overall management of the project and for delivering specific results, including:

  • Drilling and completions (D&C) process and organization mapping
  • System configuration using Stonebridge’s “Well Ready” profile-based templates specifically designed for WellView optimization
  • Testing for system configuration, data conversion and business readiness
  • Data and application integration between WellView and GIS, AFE, and data warehouse environments
  • Custom frac and flowback add-in to WellView
  • Data governance policies and data entry procedures with minimal changes to accelerate WellView user adoption
  • WellView training for office and D&C personnel
  • Strategic roadmap outlining future optimization and extension of WellView’s functionality

Stonebridge’s “Well Ready” approach is designed to help upstream companies derive the inherent benefits of their WellView implementation via pre-built user profiles based on specific D&C functional roles. The Well Ready profile contains:

  • Standard input form templates for data entry
  • Pre-built standard reports per profile
  • Flexible user training for each profile’s learning style
  • Process mapping, standard operating procedures and data ownership

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