Pam Koscinski Joins Stonebridge Consulting to Spearhead EnerPub Initiative

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TULSA, Okla., Aug. 25, 2020 – Stonebridge Consulting, a leading provider of business advisory and technology solutions for the energy industry, today announces that Pam Koscinski has joined the company as Director of Information Management for EnerPub, Stonebridge’s recently launched oil and gas public data solution.

Koscinski is widely recognized throughout the U.S. energy industry as a champion of data management, defined data standards and best practices. Prior to joining Stonebridge, she was an integral part of the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM), where she served as PPDM’s U.S. representative for building data management communities throughout the country.

In her new role at Stonebridge, Koscinski will work closely with the oil and gas community to build an industry consortium dedicated to establishing EnerPub as the go-to source for oil and gas public data.

“We could not be more excited about Pam joining our team and helping us achieve EnerPub’s vision for moving the public data market forward,” said Stonebridge Managing Director William “BJ” Cummings. “Pam’s deep knowledge of the nuances of the oil and gas data space makes her the ideal person for leading this effort.”

Before joining PPDM, Koscinski held senior management roles with leading oil and gas enterprises. She was national director of well data operations at IHS Energy, where she was responsible for managing a network of over 100 employees and for communications with all oil and gas state agencies. She was vice president of data acquisition at Penn Energy, where she led efforts to create a national well product. She also served as senior director of well and facilities information management at Chesapeake Energy.

Launched last month, EnerPub offers the oil and gas industry an open approach to public data. Curated well and production public data sets from state agencies are loaded onto a cloud data platform. Operators can access the data at no cost. Users also have the option to set up their own secure public data warehouse to ingest the data directly into the analytical tools of their choice.

The launch version of EnerPub includes curated well and production data from the Railroad Commission of Texas (TRRC) loaded on the Snowflake cloud data platform. The Texas data set covers more than one million wells. Stonebridge plans to add additional state data in subsequent EnerPub releases. EnerPub is currently accessible on the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

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