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A career defined by teamwork, collaboration, and service

Stonebridge Consulting’s continued success as a trusted advisor to our clients depends on the quality of our people. That’s why we’ve made it our top priority to build a culture that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, that rewards team and individual performance, and that nurtures talent and creativity.

We aspire to be recognized as the top energy consulting firm in North America. As a Stonebridge associate, you can make a difference for our clients, and just as important, make a difference for yourself. 

The Stonebridge profile

Stonebridge is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, specialized skills, and unique personalities. But we all share some common traits and aspirations that make being a part of Stonebridge a fantastic experience. You might have some of them, too. See if you can imagine yourself as part of our team.


You are talented, with a solid work ethic, and you bring a lot to the table. That’s why we want you on board. We understand that the people doing the work are the ones that know how the work should be done.


You choose to have a positive attitude, and you do all you can to create a positive environment. We agree. We know positivity is contagious, and that the opposite is also true. We look for people who choose to have a good attitude even when they’re having a less-than-perfect day.


You believe too much structure and red tape kills creativity and innovation. Same here. We want associates with the ability to recognize a problem and solve it, to make themselves productive with minimal supervision and oversight.


You value communication and having a voice in organizational strategy, policies, and direction. We strive as an organization to ensure that communication is two-way, and that associate feedback is heard and acted upon. We value your opinion and believe our associates are key members of the larger Stonebridge team.


You are adaptable and respond positively to change. In our business, change is a constant, whether it’s in technology, the oil and gas industry we serve, our services, or even our internal processes. We embrace change and see it as an opportunity, not an obstacle.


You’re a strong individual performer who thrives on collaboration. Then Stonebridge is your kind of place. Our success as an organization depends on teamwork. Interdependent relationships are the norm. You work closely with all levels of the organization to find the best solution, whether for our clients or for the organization itself.


You are a multifaceted person whose professional talents tell only part of the story. Those skills are complemented by all the other stuff that makes you who you are. At Stonebridge, we respect your desire to maintain a healthy work/life balance. We care about you as a person—not just the workplace you, but the “you” you.

Careers FAQ

The typical Careers FAQ page tends to hit the basics: benefits, vacation, training, etc. While these are important, today’s candidates want a little more than just the basics. So, let’s get you up-to-speed on all things Stonebridge.

What is Stonebridge’s vision for the future? Where do you see the company in five years?

Our strategic goal is to be recognized as a leader in oil and gas business consulting for upstream, midstream and field services companies focused on oil and gas shale plays in North America. By leader we mean the leader in market share, brand awareness, and thought leadership, as well as in fostering the kind of positive, team-oriented culture that makes Stonebridge the best place to build a career in oil and gas consulting.

What can I expect in my first month at Stonebridge?

Well, you can expect to be busy from the get-go. Specifically, you can expect:
• Total immersion in our organizational structure, core offerings, and PMO methodology
• Pairing with a senior staff member for guidance within the organization
• Assignment to a project and paired with experienced consultants
• Assignment to an internal project in order to improve our in-house systems and processes
• Weekly check-in with your direct supervisor to track your on-boarding process
• Monthly practice meetings to review current projects, upcoming projects, and industry trends
• To map out your career path goals with your practice leader

What will my typical day be like as a Stonebridge consultant? What kind of projects will I be working on?

We are a project-based consulting firm, and while all client projects are equally important, they tend to vary in scope. Depending on project needs, you will work independently or as a contributor on a project team. Sometimes you will be brought in for a quick fix to a small project, which provides immediate satisfaction for both the client and your team. Then there are “long slog” projects where you are on a team composed of Stonebridge and client personnel working to effect a big organizational change for the client – akin to changing the course of a battleship. Such projects require a lot of pre-planning and oversight and, above all, time. And while it means you will do a lot of grinding on the same core problem, in the end these projects are extremely satisfying because you know you have accomplished something that will positively impact the client’s business on the enterprise level for years to come.

How much travel is involved?

Consulting engagements require some degree of travel, and all consulting companies are the same in this regard. It’s the business model. Last year, our consultants averaged two nights out on travel weeks. And when you’re a part of a project where it’s necessary for you to travel, we do our best to help book your flight and hotel, and your expenses are reimbursed on two-week recurring cycles so you’re not out of pocket long.

Are there opportunities for growth within the company, and how quickly can I advance?

You will begin mapping out your career path during your first 30 days as a Stonebridger. As a rule we look to promote and fill openings internally, which puts you in line for growth opportunities. How quickly you advance depends on many factors, including ability, attitude, and aptitude.

What type of person do we hire and what is the typical background?

We are looking for folks who are strong in key technology areas, such as solution architects and developers in business intelligence, enterprise content management, or application development. And we are looking for people with oil and gas functional experience: G&G, land, engineering, accounting, etc. In fact, in the last two years, more than 30% of our new hires came directly from the oil and gas industry. Many of them were initially convinced they had no consulting experience. However, we find that many oil and gas companies have work environments that promote roles of internal consultation. So, if you are in oil and gas and don’t see yourself as a consultant, chances are it is exactly the kind of work you are doing now. The only difference is, at Stonebridge, you have the chance to bring those same consulting skills and industry experience to bear for the benefit of our oil and gas clients.

Okay, now tell me about the basics: benefits, vacation, training, etc.?

We thought you’d never ask. Our associate benefits are exceptional and comprehensive: medical, dental, basic life and AD&D, 401k, long- and short-term disability, and vision. As for vacation, we have an earned paid-time-off (PTO) program. And as for training, we are committed to continued professional growth and have a tenure-based training program, so the longer you are a part of the Stonebridge team, the more training opportunities you gain. It’s a pretty good deal.

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