Oil and Gas Company Completes Significant Appalachian Basin Asset Acquisition in 90 Days

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A privately held oil and gas company teamed with Stonebridge to accelerate the integration of a significant asset acquisition comprising more than 250 employees, 5,700 wells, 4,000 miles of pipeline, and 20 field offices across three states.


The company’s growth strategy is built on the acquisition and management of producing and non-producing oil and natural gas properties. This project focused on an acquisition of producing wells and midstream operations in the Appalachian Basin. The company has a proven history of creating asset value through the aggregation of complementary assets as well as the deployment of new oilfield technologies. This strategy is supported by a private equity partner that focuses on acquiring strategically viable mid-market companies that exhibit significant upside potential.


The client selected Stonebridge over a global management consulting firm, citing Stonebridge’s pure-play focus on oil and gas, in-depth knowledge of the resource play and familiarity with the in-scope assets. Stonebridge assumed overall program management responsibility for the integration work scope, objectives, timeline and milestones, reporting to the executive management from both the client and its PE partner. In this role, Stonebridge coordinated and executed across five major work streams: Human Resources & Fleet Management, Network & Communications, Land & Accounting, Operations and Information Technology


Stonebridge completed the M&A integration project in under 90 days, which enabled the client to reduce TSA costs by tens of millions of dollars. Additionally, Stonebridge’s end-to-end M&A integration services helped the client realize the full value of the transaction by ensuring a structured transition period and cost-effective, sustainable operations going forward.

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