BJ Cummings

Building a Digital Data Foundation for Renewable Energy with Snowflake

A recent Deloitte study of the renewable energy industry found that in the last year, renewables have overtaken coal as a source of power generation in the United States. What’s more, solar and wind combined represented nearly 50% of total U.S. renewable electricity generation. As the renewable energy industry rises in stature as a competitor...
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Lower the Cost of M&A Data Sharing and Integration With Snowflake

Cloud-based data warehousing solutions from Snowflake offer bottom-line advantages during the M&A activities, for buyers and sellers alike. M&A’s Data Management Challenge Due to the overall market pressure in the oil and gas industry, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are occurring more and more frequently. One of the major challenges in M&A activity, for sellers and...
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Data Quality: How to Build Trust in the Data That Drives the Oil and Gas Enterprise

Everyone knows the importance of having accurate data in business. Decisions are made on it, it is required to comply with federal regulations, and people lose their jobs and sometimes even go to prison over it. In today’s oil and gas market, it is even more critical to trust your data, share it with the...
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