Charity Queret

Data Science as a Strategic Tool in the Oil and Gas Industry

NOTE: This article on oil and gas data science was also published in Foundations, the official publication of the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM). The Oil and Gas industry is missing the boat when it comes to Data Science—that is, re-imagining data and its inherent value as a strategic asset. As in every industry...
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Establishing Credibility and Momentum in Business Intelligence Projects: Six Critical Success Factors

A business intelligence (BI) project comprises tangible variables: budget, staff, selected software, hardware, and so forth. While each one has an impact on project success, my experience says success often depends as much on two intangible variables: project credibility and momentum. Why is this? BI projects are dependent on business users. Call them data analysts...
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Five Organizational Capabilities Needed Before Jumping into Big Data Analytics

Big data. Everyone is talking about it, everyone wants it, but what exactly is “it”? Simple answer is, big data is lots and lots of little data collected and stored in all sorts of ways and places. For oil and gas companies, it’s the detailed daily data from SCADA systems as well as systems that...
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