Andy Reinert

Solving the Digital Oilfield Data Dilemma – Part 5 – Unlocking Machine Learning & AI with Big Data Management

In my fifth and final blog in this series on solving the digital oilfield data dilemma I want to talk about “the prize,” i.e., the payoff after you have put everything into place to sustain successful data management. Be sure to read or revisit the earlier blogs that explained why oil & gas companies must...
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Solving the Digital Oilfield Data Dilemma Part 4 – Easy Data Access

Every day, energy professionals sit down to perform complex analysis in support of drilling and completions, acreage reporting, production optimization, capital planning, ESG/emissions reduction, and the list goes on. Consider a drilling engineer who wants to perform multivariate spacing analysis on Bakken wells in Spotfire, Tableau, or PowerBI. But before any of this exciting work...
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Solving the Digital Oilfield Data Dilemma – Part 3

Part 3 – Master Data Demystified “Multiple versions of the truth” is a phrase you often hear when talking about oil & gas data management. But what does this really mean? Substitute for “truth” any number of data types, like geological interpretations, land files, production volumes, or offset well data. In the digital oilfield with...
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Solving the Digital Oilfield Data Dilemma Part 2 – Frac Your Data

The digital oilfield is characterized by information sprawl, a landscape of data silos that span corporate network drives, databases, and the cloud. In the past, this was met with large data migration projects that attempted to warehouse an energy enterprises’ disparate data in a monolithic way. These types of projects, while still relevant in certain...
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Solving the Digital Oilfield Data Dilemma Part 1 – Data is the New “Black Gold”

Like oil, data is a commodity with tangible value. The new black gold costs organizations millions of dollars to produce (think well logs, SCADA, leases, etc.). Importantly, energy companies make billion dollar decisions on their data, however, like gold, getting your hands on the right data to make crucial drilling or M&A decisions is ironically...
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O&G Best Practice: Procurement Process Optimization Depends on a Solid Asset Management System

When the price of oil is high, the goal is to get as many wells drilled, completed and flowing as quickly as possible. In good times, whatever process accomplishes this goal is the process chosen. Cost reduction, savings and proper management of assets and procurement process optimization take a back seat. When times are good,...
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