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Via Proof-of-Concept Buildout, New Offering Demonstrates the Business Value of Asset-Centric Data Management

TULSA, Okla., April 26, 2011 – Stonebridge, a leading information technology consulting firm, today launched 360° Catalyst, a focused application development offering based on the company’s popular 360° Solution Framework.

Stonebridge developed the 360° Catalyst offering in response to the market’s favorable response to the 360° Solution Framework, according to Travis Osborne, Vice President of Solution Development.

“360° is an asset-centric approach to data management and delivery that customers immediately ‘get’ it and see its inherent business value,” Osborne said. This principle applies whether the business is centered around a well, a rig, a facility or a storefront.

“Business decision-makers need simpler tools that provide access to a broader set of information,” Osborne said. “And they need to see the business in visual terms, well beyond what that systems status quo can provide to make better decisions, faster.

Added James Ivy, Stonebridge’s President and CEO: “Our customers are asking for a way to get the information they need in fewer clicks, fewer logins, with more options, less ‘noise’ – just take me to the key information I want quicker. The first logical question is, how do we get started? 360° Catalyst is the answer.”

360° Catalyst’s core deliverable is a search-driven mashup prototype based on the 360° Solution Framework. The prototype 360° application, built around the customer’s core business asset and utilizing information from the customer’s internal and external data sources, is developed on an accelerated timeframe, typically in two-to-three weeks.

“The key benefit of 360° Catalyst is that it quickly demonstrates the applicability of a 360° application to the organization,” Osborne said. “The 360° prototype is build using ‘real’ data, which enables the customer’s information workers to ‘test drive’ the concept. Organizations get the direct user feedback they need to determine potential impact of the 360° approach on the enterprise.”

360° Catalyst is based on the 360° Solution Framework, an “asset centric” approach to data management and delivery. Utilizing the 360° Solution Framework, information is delivered to information users logically, centered on a key asset that drives the business.

With the asset at the core of the data management methodology, information from various internal and external sources is combined into a common interface powered by a combination of visualization, search, workflow automation, and map technologies. This may involve direct ties to operational systems, as well as “unofficial” systems such as key spreadsheets and local databases. Working with the customer, Stonebridge selects a subset of information to both illustrate the concept and to energize the business user with new points of view for their information.

“Most organizations have already invested in these technologies,” Osborne said. “360° enables them to extend these investments in new ways that are different than the ‘same old’ reports and application screens.”

More information about 360° Catalyst, including video demonstrations of 360° applications in action, is available at

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